364999-205100-thumbnail.jpgILAN ROGOFF is a multifaceted artist, welcomed internationally by Concert Series, Orchestras and Music Festivals. While recognized primarily for his  interpretations of  the Romantic composers, his repertoire for the piano ranges from Bach to Piazzolla, with concerti dedicated to him by John McCabe and Ivan Eröd.
His activities range from piano recitals to conducting cycles of  Mozart or Beethoven concerti from the keyboard, participating in Chamber Music concerts, transcribing, performing, editing and recording works by Piazzolla for piano solo, or directing master classes in half a dozen languages on a variety of subjects (Beethoven Sonatas & Concerti, Piazzolla, Chopin's music at the Chopin Academy in Warsaw, Brasilian Music in Rio de Janeiro,etc), an activity he particularly enjoys with young musicians.

Acclaimed as a virtuoso pianist by critics as:
“A Poet and a Giant” London – Daily Telegraph
“Authoritative stamp of unassailable musicianship with a rightness that goes beyond
intellectual appreciation”. New York Times
“’Poetic Virtuosity’. Playing of haunting beauty, exceptional intensity and rare insight”.
Music &Musicians
“The evening showed the power and sweep of his imaginations”.  Herald Tribune
“An artist of superior accomplishments. His prodigious technical control is matched by a
concept of great imagination”. New York Times
“Beyond virtuosity! Reaching real heights of beauty and inspiration”. Jerusalem Post
“Brilliant virtuosity, a perfect assurance, understanding of style and
exquisite musicality”. Wiener Zeitung

His interpretations as a pianist/conductor are praised:
“Performing with subtle touch, he led the Israel Philharmonic with sensitivity, verve and
skill. A truly rewarding and convincing performance”. Jerusalem Post
“From the dark beginning, dramatic continuation and glorious ending there was a
complete unity between pianist/conductor,  the orchestra and the composition”. Ha’Aretz
 “He created in the Haydn Symphony an aristocratic ambiance. A brilliant and colourful interpretation. I would love to listen to Rogoff many more times, either as conductor, pianist, or both”. Al Hamishmar
“Rogoff’s ‘tour de force’ was unique. A formidable pianist! Each work he played or
conducted was strikingly distinctive, intensely personal statement”.Daily Express
“His interpretation had virtuoso fire and exquisite delicacy, brilliant extroversion and deep
philosophical musings. A grandeur of thought and approach consonant with the music”. Virginia Pilot
ROGOFF: 3-in-1 Music Magi!” Bulletin Today
“Performing the five Beethoven Concerti from the keyboard was an admirable and titanic feat
which shall remain unforgettable”. El Tiempo

Likewise, His recordings are described as:
“Best record of the month and record of the year candidate! “ Music & Musicians
“Very few pianists ever played with quite the same assurance”. Records & Recordings
“A potent rendition. Quite superb”. New York Times
“chiselled  phrasing bring out all the expressivity, tenderness,  delicacy and richness of the
scores”. Diapason
“It is the ideal version for the refined lyricism of Chopin’s concerti, enjoying  extraordinary
coherence. Catalunya Música