4 Common Myths Debunked About Houston House Buyers

Home buying companies are hardly a new thing, but for years, homeowners have opted not to complete a transaction with Houston house buyers due to all of the false beliefs and myths circulating online. These beliefs are often unfounded and written by unhappy homeowners without much weight to their accusations, which is why it’s important to debunk these myths. Let’s start by taking a look at the top four misconceptions!

1. House buying companies make “low-ball” offers.

This is often the number one false belief! Many homeowners shy away from making contact with house buyers Houston for fear of getting a low offer on their properties. It’s no lie that house buyers are investors too, but you’re guaranteed to get a fair price for your home based on current market values.

2. You can get scammed by a house buying company.

True that there are some unscrupulous companies out there, but the same can be said of any other type of business in the world. The best way to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you aren’t scammed is to do research. Make sure that the company stands behind their offers and there weren’t any formal complaints filed. Remember, most house buying companies are here to help and not swindle you out of your home.

3. You’re obligated to sell your property once the company makes an offer.

You’re never obligated to do anything, unless you’ve willfully consented by signing all of the necessary legal paperwork. In fact, many homeowners just testing the waters will get several written estimates for their personal records or to compare services before selling. There’s no shame in asking, and if you’re seriously needing cash, it’s a good way to go.

4. You’ll have to fix the property and present it well in order to get an offer.

As long as the property is still standing and not on the demolition list, house buyers are willing to make an offer. Remember, this is different than trying to convince a local buyer to pay top dollar. These companies are investors and fix properties themselves so that you don’t have to!

Now that four of the most common myths have been debunked, it is our hope that you’ll feel better about selling your property to a home buying company. You’ll get a fair offer, and you’re never obligated to sell, but if the money looks good, why not keep going?